Ultrabook focus on a personalized experience

November 10, 2011Posted by Ultrabook


Ultrabook This is a breakthrough super product at this time has become the focus of all attention. Thin, high-performance, low power consumption is the main features of this product, and it is defined by Intel as "the next generation of mainstream mobile PC, the new standards." This is similar to the Super Ultrabook notebook and tablet PC hybrid dimensions tend to flat-panel technology, but also has a keyboard, is a portable device to experience-based. When consumers need a powerful office tool, Ultrabook will provide people with efficient office assistant; when people spare time, Ultrabook will be transformed to become a good experience with a Tablet PC for mobile terminals.

When Intel introduced the Internet is positioned to experience the effects of the product, but because of performance deficiencies, as laptops can only be one of the "spare tire." And when the iPad listed, all are amazing to experience this type of product. With a strong visual impact of the display, easy manipulation, to meet the various needs of individual users. But the iPad's shortcomings in the work office, so that Intel saw an opportunity.

Morphological appearance, Ultrabook like a thin notebook, compared to tablet PCs, notebook standby time to be much lower than the former. In Ultrabook, this will also get a great degree of improvement, intel introduced on the Ultrabook lower-power CPU, while the introduction called PSR (Panel Self Refresh) energy-saving technology, a 30-day long standby and hibernate mode 3 seconds or 3 seconds wake up. And to maintain at any time online, even in the black state can still receive e-mail. System, Windows 8 next year is even more icing on the cake market, Windows 8 is already integrated touch operation. It can be said, Ultrabook introduction, is to meet the increasing segmentation of the demand for intelligent terminals.

Intel will redefine the concept of the PC, the tablet PCs and notebooks to achieve integration, entertainment and office to achieve integration, the creation and sharing to achieve integration. Ultrabook birth in order to beat the iPad, MacBook Air, but also to the people led to a new "PC era", to achieve a breakthrough in the development. Ultrabook really come, we are ready for it?

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