Toshiba Z830 priced at $ 899

November 10, 2011Posted by Ultrabook


News from Cnet , Toshiba Ultrabook,Portage Z830 will be exclusively onsale in Best Buy , priced at just $ 899, but as of press time, Best Buy shelves yet. Prior to the similar products, such as Apple's MBA, Asus UX series, Acer hummingbird series are priced more than $ 1,000. maybe the emergence of Portage Z830 will formally end of the price honeymoon of Ultrabook.

hardware configuration, including 13 in. Diamond 1366x768 screen display, 1.4GHz Core i3 processor (with Intel HD 3000 graphics) processor, 4GB memory, 128GB solid state hard drive, card reader, standard HDMI, VGA interface, and USB3.0 interface. All of these only 2.45 lbs weight (weight about 1.12kg) Size is approximately 316mm (length) x 227mm (width) x 14.9/15.9mm (high).

Toshiba Z830 is not only the most light and thin Ultrabook of the world, the numbers of 1.12 kg and 15.9 mm do not tell everything, from the user's point of view,Toshiba gives Z830 richer content. Z830 has a light and durable magnesium casing, covering the honeycomb body and the keyboard innovative integrated internal structure design to absorb impact and increase the hardness, while configuring fingerprint recognition device and Toshiba Easy Guard technologies to ensure the security of user data. Toshiba Z830 also adds keyboard backlight feature to its 86-key spill-resistant design keyboard, allowing users easily type information in the dark environment, ready to respond to unexpected situations.

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