iPhone 5 is real

November 13, 2011Posted by Ultrabook


The original rumors of "new design of the iPhone 5" are real, well-known technology site SAI claimed that an industry source revealed the iPhone 5 message to them. The source said that a Apple engineer he knew thought iPhone 5 would be released until the iPhone 4s finally came . The source also claimed that he had two weeks to contact this new iPhone prototype. Although the SAI Web site has not verified the news, let us listen to those who claimed that they had touched the new iPhone 5.

1 prototype screen is larger than the current iPhone. 4-inch diagonal screen, the same as this Samsung mobile phone.

2 prototype is completed with internal manufacturing materials, rather than the universal prototype material. Similar to the following materials:

3 Use aluminum back shell, the same as the iPad 2

4 Used liquid metal technology, and for coloring. This technology makes color not fade.

5 iPhone 5 will use a better screen. Why? He said that Apple's style is to leave some shortcomings in the prototype used to camouflage.

6 No physical Home key, he said: "You can touch it (Home key), press and hold, you can reboot the device has."

7 Prototype looked so flat and level which is similar to the network photo.

8 IPhone prototype is much faster than normal, but that is because Apple removed the limit of the prototype actuator, maybe in order to disguise the actual speed of iPhone 5 . Battery life sucks.

9 Engineer told him that the new iPhone camera pixel can reach 10 million. Finally, the source said, iPhone 5 built-Siri, but the name has been changed to "Assistant (Assistant)".

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