Epson released headset player

November 13, 2011Posted by Ultrabook


Recently, Japanese companies seem to want to monitor on a person's face. Following the optical display system of BROTHER industrial and Sony's head-mounted displays, EPSON announced their own headset mobile player MOVERIO BT-100, allegedly, this head-mounted displays will be officially on sale in November 25, the price is 59,980 yen (about $ 643).

MOVERIO BT-100 built-in 1G storage space, support MPEG-4 AVC/H264 、AAC/MP3 format audio playing and 3D effects. At the same time the player also supports 802.11b/g/n WiFi link, you can view online video via WiFi.

Epson said, MOVERIO BT-100 screen resolution is 960 × 540, color depth is 24 bits (16,770,000 colors), with the side optical components,reflecting contents to output screen . In addition to the glasses as a body outside, MOVERIO BT-100 is also attached to the controller. Controller using Android 2.2 system, you can enter text using the touch screen, a basic built-in player, pictures, music, Internet applications, but users can not directly download new applications using the Android markets. However, Epson staff said that the user can directly enter the apk file to add new applications.

MOVERIO BT-100 comes can playe video for six consecutive hours, taking into account the system's functionality and style, we have to say this is a very satisfying time. MOVERIO BT-100 is carried out in "3D projection a million test activities," if you are interested in MOVERIO BT-100 and then you can go and feel it. EPSON expects initial sales is one million units.

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