The challenge of universal

November 10, 2011Posted by Ultrabook


Thin the need to maintain the existing performance of the processor in the premise, to further reduce power consumption - which means less heat and longer battery life. Obviously, the first quarter of next year will be released 22 nm processor is more suitable for this type of ultra-thin. Among the existing processor, the suffix for the UM model that is good, they have enough performance, power consumption is lower than half of the mainstream processor (only 17 watts), but the price of these processors are usually more expensive, and there is no 22-nanometer processors that will bring us new technologies.

As a PC maker, on the one hand by urging Intel to ship as soon as possible, on the other hand by consumers to lower cost, coupled with various manufacturers Ultrabook understanding of manufacturing experience have some differences, inevitably, there are several brands of in this work thin, durability, etc. should reach the standard, simple in the first trial usually difficult to detect them, if used to buy back some time before a major problem due to overheat and crash circumstances, regret of late.

Processor has not been updated, the system is still Win7, Ultrabook addition to thin outside, and not many particularly attractive highlights. Although the company mentioned in the publicity, such as video encoding acceleration, WiDi wireless display, fast response, USB 3.0 and other new features, but the relationship between ordinary users and not too difficult to find the kind of revolutionary technology is unable to stop, no refreshing operating experience. In this case, the average consumer to want to pay, is not easy.

Do not say the new technology, do not say heat, in fact, as long as the price cheap enough, Ultrabook have great chances of success. But now the high cost of Ultrabook, in order to reduce the cost must form a "scale effect" - the higher the volume, the lower the average cost. However, if the price did not fall down, you can not pull out the volume. Currently, several Ultrabook published priced at $ 899 or more, plus value-added tax into China is expected to reach 6,999 yuan, from the current 4,000 to 6,000 yuan in the mainstream price range there is a certain distance.

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