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November 10, 2011Posted by Ultrabook


From the MID-> notebook-> UltraBook, Intel has been pushing to force on the laptop lighter, thinner extreme. Nearly two months after another exposure, secretive, has been reluctant to show their true colors of Ultrabook ultra-thin notebooks, and finally in 2011 IFA opened its mysterious veil. There are four brands in the first introduction of the corresponding products: ASUS UX21, UX31, Toshiba Portege Z830, Acer and Lenovo IdeaPad U300s hummingbird S3951. These products are the most important control in the 1.36 kg less than the thickness of no more than 20mm.

Ultrabook Intel continued MID, notebook, define another new category of notebooks, Ultra means extreme, extreme, excessive, Ultrabook refers to the ultimate thin and light notebooks that we often say that ultra-thin notebook, Chinese translation for the ultra-"pole" of this.

Intel defined Ultrabook to both thin body, high performance, fast response, reliable, long battery life and more features, and the best prices less than $ 1,000. The use of low-power 18W TDP CPU, 35W TDP CPU performance compared to using the notebook slightly lower, but sufficient to meet the needs of everyday applications. It also requires the battery life to cover the entire working hours (8 hours), and provides Intel Quick Sync Video WiDi wireless video encoding acceleration and display, fast response, very helpful for the user experience features.

Although the term has only recently been Ultrabook we know, but Ultrabook not the product of this unique notebook, after Sony TT, Apple AIR, Dell Adamo, the Samsung 9 series so thin and light notebook can also be called Ultrabook. Have been introduced and will be based on both the launch of the product characteristics are Ultrabook category notebook, we summarize the following points Ultrabook specific flags parameter: 1, size: 11 inch, 12 inch, 13 inch 2, Weight: no more than 1.5 kg 3, the body thickness: not more than 20mm 4, the processor: the use of low-voltage processor (17W or lower TDP processor) 5, hard disk: SSD solid state drive or SSD + HDD hybrid drive 6, Price: $ 1,000 less than the best control.

In order to promote Ultrabook to their desired direction, in order to enhance the product's ease of use, portability, to help companies upgrade their technical level, Intel set up in Taiwan in August amounted to $ 300 million Ultrabook Fund, which will focus on investment in the future Ultrabook related technology research and development and strengthening.

Intel launched three solutions through a combination of hardware and software techniques, skip the system factors, to help save power laptop and standby time. First, SRT (Smart Response Technology) mixed hard acceleration, as a mechanical hard drive can be SSD cache to improve the overall performance; second is Smart Connect Technology, allows PC to sleep can also access the mail server and SNS regularly for updates, after recovery from sleep to see the synchronized state; third rapid Start Technology, the use of high-speed flash memory, the PC from hibernation in the rapid recovery of function.

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